Why IDEA Week Should Matter to Young Professionals

Posted by: Iris Hammel, RISE Executive Director, IDEA Week Coordinator on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

Why IDEA Week Should Matter to Young Professionals

We are the Generation of Innovation

Written by: Iris Hammel, RISE Executive Director, IDEA Week Coordinator

Have you heard? IDEA Week is coming to the South Bend - Elkhart Region for the second year in a row, April 8-13. Last year, this event brought big names like the Chainsmokers, Adam Savage from MythBusters, and even Daymond John from Shark Tank to this region. Going even bigger with some of the names, the question still remains from young professionals… why should we care? What makes this week long innovation celebration special to a young professional who is climbing the ladder at their corporation but doesn’t have a creative or innovative bone in his/her body? Or for someone who has a hidden dream but thinks it is thousands of dollars and many years down the road?

While the goal is to provide members of our community with the practical knowledge, creative inspiration, and social foundation they need to innovate within their own endeavors, young professionals can be a part of the bigger picture. The future of this region is what we make it. If we don’t rally around something as significant as IDEA Week now, our region could be more susceptible to economic uncertainties in the future. By engaging and supporting such impactful events like IDEA Week, we are putting the South Bend - Elkhart Region on the national map for the right reasons. We are telling the young entrepreneurs that they CAN make it in this world and that their dreams matter. Just as innovation was a hallmark of the entrepreneurial success stories that put this region on the map during the industrial age, innovation—specifically in tech fields—will be the key to economic growth and security going forward. For that reason, IDEA Week showcases the many ways the South Bend - Elkhart Region is primed to support innovative ventures and emerge as an economic leader.

But this isn’t just for the entrepreneurs. Defining blockchain, learning about what artificial intelligence can and can’t do, discovering the future of smart mobility, learning how to network like a champion, and hearing from a health and wellness panel, are all things that can be accomplished at IDEA Week. There is something in it for every young professional. Not to mention you could see Bill Nye the Science Guy, Charles Adler Co-founder of Kickstarter, Kevin Kelly from Wired magazine, and even country starts Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw!

So, to answer the big question, “why should young professionals care about IDEA Week?” and the answer is clear. This week is all about the future. Whether you’re innovating and creating or working your way up the corporate ladder, we all need to know what our future could look like especially through the eyes of those that are already knocking on the door. Through learning and connecting with other young professionals at this event, it embodies the mission of YPN South Bend: develop, connect and empower.

 YPN South Bend not only supports this incredible week, but we are partnering with IDEA Week to bring you one of the best YP@5s of the year. Join us on April 8 at the South Bend Museum of Art to network and connect with young professionals and kick off this innovation festival.


For a full list of IDEA Week activities, visit https://ideaweek.com/ 


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