Thoughts on Sustainability in 2019

Posted by: Kelley Davies, Commercial and Industrial Accounts Manager, NIPSCO on Monday, February 25, 2019 at 12:00:00 am


If you Google "sustainability," a great number of search results will appear. Many reference the Triple Bottom Line or 3Ps (People, Planet, Profit) relating to business application. In brief, sustainability is the ability to meet today's needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Being a young professional, we are keenly aware that our decisions as the next leaders will affect how the next generation manages challenges. If we view our decisions through a sustainable lens, we can ensure the next generation has the tools and groundwork to handle those next set of obstacles.

Sustainability can be giving back to the community or improving neighborhoods with time and commitment. Monetary donations are always welcome, but nothing can replace the sweat and tears of being hands-on. Sustainability can take the shape of mentorship of the youth, being involved in educational activities, or sparking the next generation's interest in critical thinking and personal development. Whatever sustainability means to you as a young professional, you can apply the concept in various ways to make this world improved for the next generation.

As a YP, I practice sustainable concepts in my daily role. I am an account manager at NIPSCO, but I view myself as an energy advisor to my major accounts. In today's world, you have to incorporate "sustainability" into your life decisions every day. I recently co-presented at a sustainability series at IU South Bend. Below are key takeaways from that presentation.


Key TakeAways

Sustainability pertains to every aspect of our day-to-day lives. When we are considering how our actions today will affect future generations, we are applying the concept of sustainability.

Many businesses in the modern era have adopted the 3Ps in regard to sustainability. As this business model grows in popularity, YPs must understand what their employers aim to protect:

  • People: They ensure individuals are treated fairly. No group is harmed, exploited or unequally burdened by business pursuits.
  • Planet: They ensure Earth's natural resources (including the ecology, plants, or wildlife species) are not adversely impacted by their business pursuits.
  • Profit: They ensure that fiscal or economic success is not limited by the pursuit of the other two values. This concept is especially relevant in the growing global markets and it is most likely something that a YP will come across during some point during his/her career.

Sustainability also pertains to individual course of action. It is just as important to find out what sustainability means to you, as understanding the macro business views on the subject. YPs should find things that matter to them with the same goal in mind; leaving the world in a better way than which we found it.

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