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YPN Power Lunch: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Date: July 23, 2019
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location:  Show map Renaissance District
635 S. Lafayette Blvd
Suite 300
South Bend, IN 46601



Join us for a conversation with Andrew Wiand, Chief Executive Officer for enFocus. EnFocus believes the key to economic development lies in the attraction, development and retention of young talent much like our mission at YPN South Bend. Their one-year Fellowship program empowers recent graduates to work and think like an entrepreneur to solve our community's toughest challenges. They partner with local organizations to provide value on sponsor projects, and give their Fellows the tools to launch businesses or social ventures of their own. They are fostering an innovative ecosystem for young professionals so they can develop themselves and give back to our community. 

To hear more about Andrew, what they do at enFocus and how innovation and entrepreneurship can impact our community register on the link below. For questions about this event or others, email Briana Stiner

Registration is Closed.
We are at max capacity. 

More about Andrew

Andrew co-founded enFocus in May of 2012 as a student, and was hired as one of the first enFocus Fellows in August 2012. Andrew went on to hold positions such as Senior Fellow Project Manager in 2013 and Director of Operations is 2014. In early 2015, Andrew was hired as Executive Director of enFocus, charged with guiding the organization's growth and business strategy. As Executive Director, Andrew has led the continued growth of the program into two Indiana communities and has managed the completion of over 120 sponsored business and technology projects for over 75 regional companies. These projects have created over $75 million in business value for sponsoring entities and have attracted over 650 recent graduates to enFocus. Andrew enjoys spending time with his son, Ethan, in his spare time and also plays the cello.